Wednesday, 17 December 2014

The Cat Lady (Linux Patch)

During the Steam Halloween sale, I purchased "The Cat Lady", an indie horror adventure game for a couple of bucks. I wanted a game that was Linux compatible and engaging. I have learned now to read the forums and technical problems related to a game before buying. I ran into a reproducible game breaking crash within the first 30 minutes of playing alongside my girlfriend. Unfortunately, the developers seem unable or unwilling to integrate the fix into the Steam build and the person who has provided the fix has been banned from the forums and his fix has been removed. The crash occurs in Chapter 1 as Susan is asked to make a decision.

Luckily, I have researched a fix for you! This fix comes courtesy of the developer; the fix patches several issues in the Adventure Game Studio-Steam integration shared object. I have downloaded the git repo of this and created an archive of it in case this fix is ever taken down (it is a controversial piece of software as it touches several proprietary bits of Steam API and can be utilized in some deviant ways).

To install, follow these general instructions:
Download the that fits your architecture from the link above
Change directory to the directory you downloaded the .so file to.
mv your_game_directory/ your_game_directory/
cp your_game_directory/

If you downloaded my archive of the software:
sudo apt-get install g++ libc6-dev make
tar xvfz agsfix.tar.gz
cd agsteamstub
mv your_game_directory/ your_game_directory/
cp your_game_directory/

In the case of The Cat Lady, the typical location of "your_game_directory" would be ~/.steam/steam/SteamApps/common/TheCatLady/data/lib64/
While you're here, Linux users, edit your acsetup.cfg file in the data directory and enable full screen by changing the line windowed=1 to windowed=0. That should get you going; enjoy the game!


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