Wednesday, 5 November 2014

GNU Territory! Part 0: The Great Migration

Queue up ITSHAPPENING.jpeg because another longtime Windows user is deciding to switch to GNU/Linux!
Yes indeed, it's time to get rid of Wintendo!.. At least for the immediate future. The reasons why as well as the hardware I will be working with will be detailed in future posts. The purpose of this post is to briefly introduce and explain this project.

This project is one that I will be calling "GNU Territory!" which I thought was clever for the obvious play on words. Truth be told, GNU/Linux is not completely new territory for me. I've been using it for about 4 years now in various forms. I have experience with multiple distributions (CentOS, Fedora, Kali, Ubuntu, Pidora) in different settings (educational, corporate, home desktop). This will however be the first time that I will be fully switching my main PC over from Windows to GNU/Linux. No turning back. This is a scary process for me as a 12 year veteran of Windows.

The aim of this project is to switch to GNU/Linux and keep as much "Windows functionality" as possible. I will be documenting my struggles, solutions, sacrifices, and practices in hopes that my content will help others who wish to make the switch.

I hope you check back periodically to see how this project is going (I will probably need your help)!


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