Sunday, 15 December 2013

Packaging avahi-advertise - 0.3 Release!

This post is part of my ongoing project to create an Avahi configuration package for Pidora Linux. My last post detailed my bug fixes and optimizations of avahi-advertise.

This post will focus on my experiences while packaging this command to be installed on a system via rpm. To begin I had to refresh myself on packaging and spec files.

I began by creating a new spec file and placing the avahi-advertise command into the SOURCES directory in rpmbuild. From here, I headed straight to the install macro as all this rpm needs to do is take the command and place it in /usr/sbin.

This is a link to my spec file. There isn't anything very complicated with this spec file.

This is a link to my srpm.

Using rpmlint I tested this spec file and it came out with no errors or warnings. Using rpmbuild -bs I built the source rpm and uploaded to be built on the pidora koji systems.

The build succeeded and left me with this - my 0.3 release. An installable rpm for avahi-advertise on amrv6hl. There is also an rpm for x86_64.

Normally, my next step would be to have this package reviewed by one of my peers on the Pidora linux bug tracker. However, I don't feel comfortable taking this project to that step yet. I feel that this project needs a lot more work before I would consider it "useful to the community". That said, this rather rushed process of creating and packaging software has been a very valuable learning tool for me.


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