Saturday, 16 November 2013

What to put in the Avahi Configuration Package

This post is part of my ongoing project to create an Avahi configuration package for Pidora Linux. My last post detailed my repackage of nss-mdns for armv6hl.

I think nss-mdns and avahi-tools will be two of the most important packages to include in my configuration. avahi-tools will provide GUI tools for average users to utilize. It also features interesting tools like an interface to find ssh servers on the local network and open a terminal to ssh.

I need to figure out how to configure domains for avahi. I want avahi to look in all domains on the local network as I think some users will have their own custom Top Level Domains (instead of the default .local domain) in their networks. This will most likely mean editing the nsswitch.conf file. I'll probably have my package edit the existing line in nsswitch.

I will research and implement TXT records in the mDNS to describe services being multi casted. I noticed they were not populated during my testing.

Finally, I will add an iptables rule to allow traffic into UDP port 5353 into this package.


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