Saturday, 9 November 2013

Repackaging Upstream nss-mdns for Pidora

This post is part of my ongoing project to create an Avahi configuration package for Pidora Linux. My last post detailed my repackage of Avahi 0.6.31 for armv6hl.

One part of my configuration package will include installing the nss-mdns package. This package provides name resolution without a DNS server via multicast DNS. It will probably be the backbone of my config package.

To begin, I checked the version of nss-mdns in the Pidora respository and compared it to the one in the Fedora 19 repo. The Fedora 19 version was one release ahead of the Pidora version and this I decided to repackage this software for armv6hl.

I downloaded the package using yumdownloader --source nss-mdns and extracted the source and spec file using rpm2cpio nss-mdns-0.10-12.fc19.src.rpm | cpio -idmv

Next,  I modified the spec file to include changelog information about what I was doing and to increment the release number. I then passed the package to the Koji build system to see if it would build correctly.

The packages in the build environment are currently being modified so the build is not working.

November 9th, 2013
Build was successful. Koji system produced the nss-mdns-0.10-13.fc19.armv6hl.rpm package.

I will make this package and my updated Avahi packages available soon.

The next phase of my project is to install Avahi 0.6.31 and nss-mdns and test their functionality out. From this testing, I hope to gather other packages or configurations I may need to make to optimize the Avahi suite on Pidora.


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