Thursday, 28 November 2013

Avahi Service in Pidora Linux 19 Alpha

This post is part of my ongoing project to create an Avahi configuration package for Pidora Linux. My last post detailed the automatic firewalld configuration which Avahi and mdns perform.

I have just tried the Pidora 19 Alpha available here. To install it, follow these instructions. Upon installation I immediately checked the status of the Avahi service using systemctl status avahi-daemon.service. I found that the service was started automatically at boot! It was running successfully and advertising.

I then checked the files in /etc/systemd/system as well as /usr/lib/systemd/system/ and found that everything was linked as it should be. I ran some basic commands to start, stop, enable and disable the service and all seemed to work fine.

This seems to cross another piece off of my configuration package! I have contact Yonghoon to ensure he is aware of this behaviour as he is working on the Pidora Linux kickstart file which would affect this service.


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