Sunday, 13 February 2011

my body is ready.

Long time since I posted, but to do a bit of catch-up; CJC-9200's are still great although I've noticed a bit of slack forming in the tension of the friction adjustment. It's nothing serious since I wear a hat with them mostly and when DJing they are always coming off and on so it doesn't matter.

Future news and other things

Expect a small patch of a lot of reviews as it is my birthday soon and I plan to buy myself a mixer (Numark M3 most likely), a PA Amp (such as a Technical Pro or Gemini) as well as a new CPU cooler (Most likely the Thermaltake V1 Chrome)

Other than that, not really much tech to write about. Maybe if I reach dry spells like this I'll review old things. I should probably start a small update about an old computer I'm turning into a server.

Anyway, I'll see where I want to take this. Thanks for reading.


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