Tuesday, 11 January 2011

Hyundai CJC-9200's Arrive! Unboxing and Initial Review!

Sorry for the no-show, if anyone really looks at this. As with most people, I was very busy during the Christmas season and will probably be busy in the tail-end of January as exams approach. Needless to say, I began writing this unboxing and review on the 17th of December and since then, have had some time to try these headphones a little more thoroughly. Here is the unboxing.
Yesterday I was fairly pissed because the mailman was around at 11 am and left my father's package in my mailbox but instead left a notice that my headphones were an attempted delivery and couldn't be picked up until tomorrow. Needless to say, when a package is within my grasp I go crazy. So we went down the the post office and tried to get it but it was not scanned in yet and they were busy because of Christmas.

ONE DAY LATER. In anticipation I receive my package and bring it home.

My intial thoughts are, "Enh kinda dented, but what do you expect for international, Christmas season shipping?" So, I rip it open to find the sizable dent in the packaging.
Needless to say I've dealt with damaged packaging before, as long as the product works, I could care less about the poop it comes in. I was actually glad mine was in a box; the only other review I could find on these headphones stated the buyer was given them bare in a bubble-wrap bag.
The world is a crazy place when I can receive headphones from another country in less than 2 weeks
At first glance I was disappointed as the other review stated that they received a 90 degree 1/4 headphone adapter with theirs; oh well, can't have everything ;) Here are a look at some of the stats and just the box in general.
57 MM DRIVERS!?!11oneone

Super Bass, eh? also pyjama master race.

For some reason this was really cool to me.
Okay enough with the box, onto the headphones. I am pretty good at noticing really small things right off the bat. Taking out the headphones, they felt cheap to be honest. Everything is plastic. That said, there are quality parts on the headphones, the headband and head-pad as well as almost all of the externals of the cups feel very nice. To sum it up, the parts that are meant to be nice, are pretty nice; everything else is kind of mediocre.
They look pretty nice too; for Pioneer knock offs.
So as soon as I tried to fold or rotate them I found that EVERYTHING WAS STIFF! With further investigation I noticed the wires connecting the speaker to the headband had been pinched and mangled (further adding friction to the rotating action.) The wires were still intact though.
Not the first thing I want to see on my early Christmas present... Needless to say, my father and I quickly disassembled the headphones, pulled that loose wire into its track and electrical taped it up; problem solved. Bad quality control though.

Better; I guess.

Once the repair job was done, I tried them out for a few hours. At first they were awful; probably from sitting on a shelf for so long. However, after about an hour of listening to everything from electro to screamo, I had reached my initial verdict of their sound quality. I'm not an audiophile but I can tell the difference between a good pair of headphones and a bad pair. I would honestly say that they have exceptional sound quality; nowhere near the performance of a $150+ set, but for ~$45 they can compete with a $100 set. The highs and mids are clear and crisp; not too much treble. The bass is reduced but not muffled; it's definitely still there. The cord length is nice, but for DJing I use an extension.

The jack has some beef to it.

Unlike the other reviewer, I am proud to display my headphone brand because I like the fact that I'm using headphones from another country; call me weird.
Since it is January now and I have DJed 2 gigs as well as used them extensively for PC gaming, so I can feel confident commenting on their live performance as well as their comfort. Over the many hours that I've used these headphones I can say they are quite comfortable. Over long periods of usage on the computer, they can make the tops of my ears sore (they sort of rest on them on my head). At gigs, I can say they are VERY comfortable and do not fatigue your head or hearing (at the appropriate volumes of course); although the sound isolation is no where near the level of other products, it offers enough to get the job done. As for the aesthetics and functionality, over time, the headphones have loosened and become quite flexible; they feel much less cheap. Although they came with a few surface knicks in them, I have dropped them several times and seen no cosmetic damage.  The folding is smoother now, but as mentioned in another review, there is no stock carrying case :( Overall, I am very happy with these and hope they will last me a long time.

As much as I would recommend these headphones I would not say they are for everyone. I would suggest going with more retail / electronics store headphones rather than China/Ebay specials; for warranty and peace-of-mind more than anything else.


  1. Thanks for the review... read the other review you referred to and found yours nicely contrasting! Not a DJ though wanted to know more about the bass response for home listening e.g. home theater or Hi-fi. Did you listen to you favorite CD or watch you favorite movie and if so what were your thoughts?

    1. Sorry for taking so long to answer these questions. I thought this blog was dead but maybe I'll start it up again.

      As for the bass response, I would say it is great! All of the lows are clear (aside from if the bit rate of the track is poor). I have in my possession a pair of Amp'd Mobile XQS-109 noise-cancelling headphones and I can say that they are more comfortable than the CJC-9200's (so I wear them more often) but the Hyundai's give far better performance in all genres and most applications. Going back to your question, the 9200's should be an excellent option for a quality audio experience while watching movies (provided they fit you well enough to be comfortable for that long) and honestly give you a great value if you aren't looking to spend $100+.

  2. Replies
    1. Sorry for taking so long to answer these questions. I thought this blog was dead but maybe I'll start it up again.

      I'm not sure about your question so I will just answer with what IS ADJUSTABLE on the entire piece. Starting at the top of the head. Each cup is attached to the headband via a sliding locking system. Unfortunately, this vertical sliding is rather weak and will not hold up to much bouncing. I find that during my DJ sessions I will have to readjust them a few times during the 1 - 2 hour gig. The cups themselves swivel 90 degrees in the same direction (making them parallel to the head band once fully adjusted). Finally the cups rotate upwards about 120 degrees, which brings them into the arch of the head band. Hopefully this answers your question!